Jurgen Klopp hits on the players for the minor league title.

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Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has confirmed that if he wants to win a lot of league titles. In his career, he would agree to control Bayern Munich, who had been in contact 2-3 times already.

The Reds are still on the way to win 4 championships, although in the Premier League It’s probably going to be difficult. With the remainder of the FA Cup final against Chelsea and the Champions League final against Real Madrid.

In the past, there has been some criticism that Klopp has had a relatively small history of winning league titles. UFABET Contrary to the credit he received as a manager.

Said Klopp.

“Which team should I go with to get a different situation? Tell me! The only thing I did was ask Pep if he felt bad about all the wins and that I took charge of City instead. It might not work. I don’t want to do that.”

“I was able to go to Bayern, when they contacted me a few times, I was able to win more leagues in my life. I’m pretty sure to say At least this is a good opportunity, but I don’t. I have a contract here. And I don’t do that. It’s okay The world is not full of winners. The world is full of people who try and hope.”

“I try and sometimes I win with other people. i am happy with that I’m not always optimistic. But give me some time And I will find reasons for optimism. That might be true. But that’s it This club is going through a difficult time. and always come back.”

“If people don’t appreciate our time or the team they have I really feel them. Because it’s amazing what the boys do.”

“We have three points [behind City] and seven goals, we will try, we can’t do more. and i enjoyed it If someone is not okay I can’t do anything People might say ‘yes, it’s just the Carabao Cup!’ but it means to everyone on the pitch. That’s how we feel after we won the trophy.”