Eduard Romeu has confirmed Barcelona are looking for a new sponsor

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Eduard Romeu has confirmed Barcelona are looking for a new sponsor. Barcelona vice-president Eduard Romeu has confirmed that Azul Grana are looking for a new shirt sponsor worth 55 million euros a year to replace the upcoming Rakuten. The contract expires at the end of this season.

Barcelona’s vice president of economics Eduard Romeu told Catalunya television station TV3 on Tuesday that the Azul Grana side were looking for a new deal. With shirt sponsors worth 55 million euros per year. After Japanese company Rakuten will expire at the end of this season. 

Barcelona is currently experiencing financial difficulties. But they are still the most marketable clubs in the world. So all the parts associated with the club remain prime real estate. This includes advertising space on their jerseys. And the club plans to come up with a deal that could make more money in the future.

‘We’re not looking at the present value. But it’s the price before the big epidemic. Whoever wants their name on this shirt with dignity has to pay that amount Romeu said of the club’s goal of €55 million a year in support. 

Barcelona plan multi-year deal with new shirt sponsor. This will help the club have revenues circulating in the right direction. Azul Grana are also planning to borrow another €1,500 million to fund the redevelopment of the Camp Nou stadium and other club facilities.