Back to Manchester United: Impossible.

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Back to Manchester United: Impossible.

Finally, an option that many Red Devils fans would like to see. With coming back to touch the knee open a new negotiation table And signed a contract to join the team of Eric Ten Hag again. Report from ยูฟ่าเบท

Only with the attitude of all parties, whether

1) De Gea himself , who announced his farewell to the team Equal to not swallowing saliva back to death nest

2) Manchester United Club , if you really want to keep it. The contract has been renewed for a long time. (As previously reported, de Gea actually signed a new contract, but Man United pull Cheng because he wanted to reduce wages) 3) and especially Eric Ten Hag seems to

want goals . New — not just one, but two, namely the first-hand Andre Onana and the second-hand that the current news points to Urawa Reds “Samurai” Zion Suzuki, who is only 20 but is already starting to represent Japan in a big way. In addition to being the future of the team in the long term, it can also “call guests” from Japan.

The legendary 12-year de Gea with Manchester United should therefore be counted as being completely over. There is no way to return to the 2nd part in any way, and the next scene of the 33-year-old Dane is to move on to find a new place somewhere. Although there is no definite answer at this time.